herm is right....

Remember that name, Libby Miller, the girl that killed post prom with a law suit.

At that intersection of 11 and 94, there is only one entrance ramp to head north and it is on the south side of highway 11. So a semi heading west on 11 has to turn left to get to the north bound entrance ramp

I remember when Donna Bumpus ran it on a budget of $25,000 a year, just saying...

Ok, but what are your feeling about the so called black on black crime? Is there enough being done about it or said about it to appease you?

So everyone complained when Johnson polymer left, water consumption went down but resident bills went up. Now you have a company that's going to be using a bunch of water and people are complaining again. Goes to show that you can't please everyone.

Really media, you can't figure this one out?? You guys won't let it die. All you have to do is look at the player and some of their national anthem junk. You are pissing off people to the point of burning jersey's and NOT watching. We are not talking rocket science here.....JMO

WOW, I hope that those parfaits were worth it. Lets see, 3 parfaits = 3 hots & a cot

I would want distance myself from ALL of the dysfunction too

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