How wonderful the assessed value of my property went up this year. The community holds the line on tax rate increases and pockets extra cash on the increase between the old and new assessment.

I have a feeling that the words “OBSTRUCTION”, “COLLUSION”, and “IMPEACH” will go out of vogue for false press use. The word “TREASON” will start ringing in our ears as the deep state gets investigated by Attorney General Barr.
My idea of “TREASON”: 1: The offense by Democrats attemptin…

Leave it to a liberal Racine to have citizens complaining about the Green Bay Packers and the NFL donating a quarter of a million dollars for one of RUSD projects. My worry is how RUSD is actually going to spend the money.

Confucius , Leonardo da Vinci , William the Conqueror, Thomas Paine, Alexander Hamilton, Lawrence of Arabia, and Eva Peron were all born out of wedlock. Maybe abortion isn’t the right answer to an unwanted fetus.

To keep more people happy, the little park areas at the north and south end of the square could be kept and the parking just put in the area between them.

The chances are pretty good you hate anyone with more money than you, President Trump included. I don’t mind SC Johnson getting a tax break from our city. I appreciate the look of the area surrounding SC Johnson headquarters. Fisk just put in a great swimming pool on Ohio Street. Johnson…

One pool fits all is just another in the long line of unworkable ideas from RUSD think tank. Build the pool now and regret it for many years later. Use a little common sense and listen to students on the swim teams.

I didn’t know there was a pool at Wadewitz. Is the pool shared with all the other schools without pools? I doubt it.

Here is my idea. Move Monument Square to the Porter site and then turn the present Monument square into a ground level parking lot for the businesses around the old square. That might be a way to kill two birds with one stone and cost a lot less money than other plans will.

Thank you Jan for just mentioning the short list.

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