now why would anyone want to make a negative comment when this program is to assist short term to get people to work or training. Isn't the goal to get full employment??

You are probably correct - they are the ones that create jobs.

It would be nice if the Dem's on the OverSite committee would read it.

I am in agreement, judges should not take an active role in politics.

We always hear that women should have control over their own bodies, but if the baby is delivered whether because of an abortion or not, it is no longer their body. Killing a baby after a delivery is murder.

I wonder what his middle initial is.

Thank you President Trump and Governor Walker. This has nothing to do with Mason.

I'm always so proud of the professional behavior of the teachers union and its members. If they want to be paid and recognized as professionals maybe they should act like it.

Children that are not vaccinated should not be allowed in school or day cares or in any other public place. If your child is not vaccinated they must be quarantined to your home.

Curiosity commented on GOP blocks move on 'dark stores'

Sad and angry, isn't someone that vacations in Prague rich? Not that I mind rich. I really hate to say it, This may be the only time I agree with you. These dark stores should be paying more in taxes. Maybe this would entice them to do something with the stores.

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