These ignorant leftist incompetent fools can't even run a school system, why should we trust their judgment on anything else?

Time to defund Racine Unified. Has become a cesspool of incompetent childten trying to out Progressive each other to the point where education is the last thing on the list.

silencio, better educate yourself. Taiwan is not China nor is it commie. Gee if you are so wrong on basic knowledge like this just imagine what else you've got wrong?

White male tears? such blatant racism on display at the JT.

such a newsworthy article

I'm curious to see the carbon footprint difference between diesel buses and the tons of coal needed for electric buses.

cr1973 commented on Mich: Outraged by Trump

Spare me your selective outrage Mich. Obama sent 250 BILLION dollars, cash, to Iran on a secret over night jet flight. How many people has Iran tortured and killed?

Typical liberal drivel. Only one person or kind of person can - go to school, pay attention in class, get a degree or learn a job skill, hold a reasonable job, and abide by the laws. And it's not government.

weak old grandma's are bad for business

you sure showed him, nice facts!!