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So pretty much ICE is taking the parents away from their children......and so what's the problem? So what happens when a "parent" commits rape, murder or other ILLEGAL activities? THEY GO TO JAIL!!! They are removed from their children, fiends, relatives, etc..etc! That's how it works. Wh…

Wisconsin has to legislate to enact the death penalty on heinous crimes like murder. It is not to say that a policeperson's life is more valuable than the common citizen and if enacted, the punishment for murder should be the same for murdering anyone regardless of their occupation.

If I know the Caledonia cops, they planted the stuff on him!

Constitutional Guard commented on Kraut Fest 2019 in jeopardy

No surprise here, the atmosphere at the Kraut Fest has changed. If the Mt. Pleasant/Caledonia Memorial Park Commission would had eased up a bit on the Outhouse 20 folks, the Kraut Festival would still be on the calendar. So much for the free enterprise system. Nice going Christensen!

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