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So you can make fun of how specific people dress, namely police union representatives, but you report any comments that question your political ties and associations? Thin skin or double standard?

I don't believe in hate. I believe in justice. The corruption in Racine is brazen.

You talk so tough, but you can't even pick 3 out of 75 items to debate? Are you just another bully who can't back it up?

Are you by any chance involved in one of these shady deals? Now would be the…

New atrocities are added daily, this is just a partial list. Thank you for your support.

Sometimes change is necessary. What are the great accomplishments that I am missing? Did your property values increase? Did you benefit from one of the corrupt deals? Give us your list!

Bullies welcome.

Pick any three to debate! Let's see if you can walk the walk.

You must not be connected in any way whatsoever.

What happened to the other "deals" with John Dickert such as Machinery Row, Porter's, Delta Hawk, Skies Fall Media and Belle TV, Mound Cemetery, Ayra's, Racine Zoo, or Reefpoint Brew House and Gift Shop? Where is the update on Machinery Row? Did the developer back out already? Did the fun…

That is exactly what king said too. Coincidence? Not likely.

King disappeared and all of his comments were removed with help from the Journal Times, because no one can delete their comments or account on their own.

Then politically correct shows up the next day and has posted ext…

Why was there no article when the judge accepted the case? Why did the Journal Times wait until another unwarranted motion to dismiss was filed after the case was already accepted, with the story all ready to go? Where is the other side to this story, and what is the Journal Times involvemen…

City Hall Monitor commented on City: Dismiss bar lawsuit

It must all be made up, and the streets of Racine are paved with Gold!

What is abundantly clear is that the leadership of Racine is fatally lacking in numerous aspects, and there is a growing pattern of corruption and behavior from our city officials and administrators that is systemat…

Mayor Dickert read an edited version of the State of the City address.

Here was the original, more accurate, transcript:

Dear Suckers,
It has been another great year for us, your leaders, as we recently rewarded ourselves with generous pay raises and more corrupt backroom d…

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