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For such good upstanding christian folk they sure have a lot of corruption.

What is the surprise? Giving private and private/religious schools the taxpayer money that was intender for public education with have that inpact.

Guns and integral to a functioning democracy.

There goes the sight lines for us Racinians...

Just saying that I know several people with DR. and other credentials and don't want to be addressed with those prefixes...just saying.

Excellent article about a lifetime Racinian like myself, especially speaking out on the rampant systemic racism in Racine and the incarceration system that has existed my entire 58 years here. Any person from the Southside, where my family history in Racine is based, knows, and has talked…

The Republican overt defense of one party dictatorial control...when it is the Republican party that so far beyond the pale that it calls into question the intelligence level of those citizens that defend the Republican Dictatorship tendency. When Robin Vos or a Fitzgerald brot…

This is how dictators act...guess what we have had in Madison since Scott Walker took over... Republicans...always our way or the highway...

the numbers used in the article about attendance sem way off because the board from previous years use that pancake Day would save 7,000 8000 or 9000

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