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The card Conservatives always play with US citizens...fear of color; fear of the poor; fear of science; fear of truth; fear of honesty.

What is your problem? Call Bill May, a Navy Vet behind Tiny Homes in Racine, at the VFW on Main St., and try and pull this on him. You hide behind a fake name. Please, try it.

I remember when Mr Bender was on a radio show several years ago criticizing public education. A caller asked him if he was ever IN a public school classroom. He answered NO! Yet he was critical of public education!
I would like to ask why voucher schools do NOT give back the $$$, or …

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Why do the same people post without their real names in the Racine journal times and generally their comments virgin racism and classism and hatred towards anybody not like them? It gets very tiresome as I've lived here 58 years and nothing has changed and it seems to be getting worse

...that Walker and Vos, career politicians whom serve their masters of ALEC and dark $$$ funders, work only for a few and deny fair representation to the majority of Wisconsin citizens.

I see that the same abusive bully TROLLS whom cannot even use their real name like the rest of us are at it again attacking an honest man whom uses his real name. The world is watching Wisconsin's fascistic Republican party at work and are struck by the dictatorial authoritarianism just lik…

Racial segregation; job discrimination on color; red lining housing; et al. Don't know your history much? Can you say Rosa Parks and back of the bus?

Sure...that is why private academies have class sizes of 15 and cost 10's of 1000's for a parent to send them there. But you obviously believe the company line. And I went to Catholic grade and high school where I paid my own high school tuition and did not get a kick back as a teenager.

I was mostly associated with Catholic School education, but also did a year directing a RUSD school to career vocational program in 1997-98

How many Trolls just write in to the Journal Times to trash, without and expertise, issues that they know nothing about? How many that trash RUSD have been in a public school in Racine as an educator, teaching assistant, support staff, of administrator of a program or school? Where do you …