Illegal is illegal !!! They have no business being here, much less giving them a drivers license !!! Just more of the liberal nonsense from the city council.

I thought we were over this Muchell Obama nonsense.

When will you people finally call ILLEGALS what they are, ILLEGALS !!! If you are in this country illegally, than NO, you don't get a da$n license!

Why am I not surprised, coming from the liberal idiots in Madison !

They'll get a slap on the wrist and be out doing it all over again in no time !!

Are food and medical care in the Bill of Rights? To you left wing idiots EVERYTHING is a RIGHT !!! You want food? Work for it. You want medical care? Get insurance.

My grandson goes to a school that's about 2/3 voucher students (he is not one of them). This school is HIGHLY integrated, very successful, the students are polite and respectful. This is why parents send their children to these schools, to get away from the rat hole that is Unified School District.

How on earth can two weeks not be enough time to vote early? What do they want, 6 months? And to say it's discriminatory to minorities is asinine !!! Why would it be any harder for them than anyone else? Two weeks is plenty of time for ANYONE to vote !!

Better check Pinnamaneni for a Green card !!

bluesman commented on One injured in head-on collision

PONTIAC SUNFIRE, who are these reporters ?