Bernie brewer

I told my friends at Roma Lodge, no marinara sauce with the pancakes. Butter and syrup. Did they listen? Nooo!

A world class establishment? Please.

Only in Racine would a $400 suit be considered high end.
It is the same logic as a Racinian’s definition of a “good” restaurant. That’s a place from which you take food home. The bigger the doggy bag the better the restaurant.

5 to 8 inches? It is 5:30 on Saturday and there is nothing. No accumulation anywhere, not even on the grass. Great forecasting!

Worry not little man. The County is still firmly in the hands of the rethuglicans.

For the same reason there wasn’t one when Walker first appointed him to the position.

Not exactly breaking news. There has been a For Sale sign on the property for months.

When are the unicorns and rainbows arriving? It is all a con.

The phrase is “sleight of hand.” Another fine product of Racine’s educational system.

Too bad, so sad. Blame Snot Walker and his ilk, like the popcorn guy who masquerades as a legislator. They gave away the state to Foxconn

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