could this be where we are heading?...

won't matter to the Masons. The newly elected governor will still be able to appoint the recently resigned municipal judge to the Appeals Court.

Couldn't agree with you more! You are spot on on every point.

the dems pick is not Weber, it is Binger

Of course Letteney wants Nuebauer on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, just as he wants the governor to appoint the recently resigned municipal judge Mason to fill Nuebauer's seat on the appeals court. That way only democrats have a chance for a fair hearing in this broken system.

Actually, there are others running, or anticipating an appointment. Lisa Neubauer, currently the Chief Judge for the Appeals Court for which this case is before, is running for the Supreme Court, a court for which may hear a further appeal. Perhaps the newly elected governor will appoint a…

Neubauer will be 'elected' to the Supreme Court and Rebecca Mason will be appointed by the governor to fill the vacancy left by Neubauer on the District Court. That is how our corrupted government operates.


Let us see if the Weidner appeal is heard well before the Supreme Court election or if her appeal gets dragged out past the election for political purposes. It is heartening to know that so many people are watching how the court of appeals handles this open record case.

excellent point sheba

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