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Adam does a little bit of everything with the JT, from page editing to covering homelessness to localizing state & national politics. He grew up in Racine County, believes in the Oxford comma and loves digital subscribers:

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Wisconsin Department of Health Services Secretary-designee Andrea Palm said Tuesday: "If we continue on our current path without implementing Stay at Home to Flatten the Curve, the models show us that we would likely have 22,000 Wisconsinites who are positive for COVID-19 by April 8, and an estimated 440 to 1,500 deaths. This means thousands of Wisconsinites would need hospitalization, and we would exceed our current hospital bed capacity.”

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Adam Rogan

Hello! The reporter here. Just letting you know that this would be a NEW station. The current ones would be remaining where they are, under the current plan.

Adam Rogan

Hi commenters, Reporter Adam Rogan here: Just to address some of the comments, it is possible to purchase a gun online without going through a background check if it's through a private seller. If it's from a retailer, they're still obligated to do the check, but by legal standards, a pri…

Adam Rogan

Hello! Reporter here: For plow driving, the CDL maximums aren't enforced because of the snow being considered an emergency situation. That's part of why this policy was being looked into.

Adam Rogan

Whoops, thank you for catching our typo. Changing it now!

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