Canker Person! ( look up canker!) You and "yakem" are the same programmed automatons that Moscow uses to find and exploit rejects and failures. There is no "you" only an algorithm. It's not a person folks, it's a Russian hate machine aided and abetted by the rwnj media.

Why can't this happen? Because both Mount Pleasant and Caledonia are already cutting their own costs by exploiting service agreements with The City of Racine. Bad deal for City residents for police and fire agreements. The city can loosen the suburb's noose if we stop subsidizing their se…

Yakem is a bot, we have algorithms that trace it's origins to Salton Sea, California.

Heads ate exploding! Cool!

Enjoy your Onions!!

Here is how Foxconn makes out. The campus in mount pleasant has plenty of coal fired power and Lake water for cooling an enormous server farm. The servers will mine bitcoins and that is how Fixconn will pay its bills. Of course we will all die from fine particulate and mercury inhalation.…

No, we don't have to accept anything that doesn't make economic sense. You must be thinking of Mt. Pleasant.

I would prefer that no projects move forward unless they are market rate. Put "affordable " housing in Mt. Pleasant and Caledonia.

A big part of the problem is that the project is jinxed with the name Walker. Bankers see that name and subconsciously tie it with the disastrous Foxconn debacle. Really, why do we want to keep using the name of a business that abandoned our City?

The funding would have brought the METRA rail service through our Transportation Center on State Street and provided easy acsess for commuters to jobs all along the MKE-CHI metro strip. BTW a ride from Kenosha to Union Station is $5.50 Amtrack from Sturtevant costs $24. Not to mention the…

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