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877—Brandon Lipari, Knights of Castle

789—Dustin Vasey, Castle Bowler's Choice

784—Ben Betchkal, Castle Bowler's Choice

772—Cotie Holbek, T&C Thur. Gooseberries Classic

756—Rich Larsen, Castle Family & Friends

753—Brett Pinnecker, Knights of Castle

749—Jake Spencer, T&C Thur. Gooseberries Classic

737—Sam Slasteed, Knights of Castle

733—Tyronn Dyess, Castle Bowler's Choice

730—Chuck Fudge, Old Settlers Men's Commercial League

730—Jake Kessler, T&C Thur. Gooseberries Classic

721—Mark Malison, T&C Thur. Businessmen's

719—Ethan Witterholt, T&C Thur. Gooseberries Classic

710—Danny Arnold, Knights of Castle

708—Jeff Coates, Castle Family & Friends

708—Jim Ferguson, Castle Bowler's Choice

708—Al Rohleder, Castle Bowler's Choice

706—Terry Martini, Knights of Castle

706—Jeff Jobst, T&C Thur. Businessmen's

705—Eric Kudrna, The Lanes Mike Corona UAW


664—Theresa Riemer, T&C Thur. Morning Mixed

647—Taylor Melahn, T&C Thur. Gooseberries Classic

636—Lynda Schlitz, T&C Thur. Gooseberries Classic

635—Theresa Riemer, T&C Thur. Businessmen's

618—Kathy Bakula, Castle Bowler's Choice


The Lanes Fri. Senior Handicap — William Lister 629-257, William Pfister 615, Mike Kohl 600, Darryl McClelland 574.

Knights of Castle — Eric Mertins 691, Joseph Anderson 679, Bob Bernal 673, Shaunte Stills 673, Brandon Lipari 300.

Castle Strikettes — Dani Jo Sheckles 566, Melissa Jansen 558, Tina Michels 554, Sarah Smith 534-224. 

The Lanes Mike Corona UAW — Scott Horvath 696, Glen Barth 670, Brad Janicek 669, Jeff Smith 664-276.

The Lanes Tresleboard — Eric Thoennes 677, William Wasson 651-247, Emily Panyk 477-166, Joanne Beischel 416.

T&C Thur. Gooseberries Classic — Nate Haug 300, Ethan Witterholt 300, Lynda Schlitz 278.

T&C Thur. Morning Mixed — Dick Mittlestaedt 623, Fred Sykes 623, Craig Southgate 227, Lorraine Draper 526, Theresa Riemer 227.

T&C Thur. Businessmen's — Scott Laux 685, Brian Hartman 680, Jerry Riemer 678-278.

T&C Thur. Powder Puff — Tiffany Taylor 538, Julie Lois 516, Betty Altenburg 505, Nicole Bushley 224.

River City Thur. Ladies — Jessica Storm 533, Diane Schnell 520-200, Courtney Lufkin 514, Sue Hartlage 479.

Old Settlers Men's Commercial League — Matt Siekert 684, Butch Schoenfuss 668, Rick Delfs 651, Ryan Peil 647, Barry Cheney 277.

Castle Family & Friends — Alan Blome 687, Scott Zess 658, Jeff Coates 299, Lisa M. Woodward 568, Sara Vogt 554, Barb Jansta 201.

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