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784—Ben Betchkal, Castle Bowler’s Choice

758—Thomas Hopkins, Knights of Castle

745—Jake Kessler, T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic

739—Delbert Richards, Castle Bowler’s Choice

732—Jim Ferguson, Castle Bowler’s Choice

731—Keith Lemens, Castle Bowler’s Choice

731—Ethan Witterholt, T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic

728—Jeff Albrecht, T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic

727—Tyronn Dyess, Castle Bowler’s Choice

719—Josh Hall, T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic

718—Dustin Vasey, Castle Bowler’s Choice

708—John Schroeder Sr., Castle Bowler’s Choice

708—Mark Malison, T&C Thurs. Businessmen

704—Jose Carbajal, Castle Bowler’s Choice


701—Theresa Riemer, T&C Thurs. Frito’s Morning Mixed

664—Jessica Storm, River City Thurs. Night Ladies

652—Jenny Sieker, Castle Strik-ettes

650—Jessica Nannemann, River City Thurs. Night Ladies

636—Taylor Melahn, T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic

634—Courtney Lufkin, River City Thurs. Night Ladies

619—Theresa Riemer, T&C Thurs. Businessmen


Castle Bowler’s Choice — Ben Betchkal 300, Tyronn Dyess 300.

Knights of Castle — Tom Paszkiewicz 697, Michael Guzman 696, Terry Martini 695, Jason Ruggles 691, Thomas Hopkins 289.

Castle Strik-ettes — Jean Nelson 569, Carmen Mortensen 561, Tina Wiechers 551, Ashley Callis 541, Jenny Sieker 235.

The Lanes Fri. Senior Handicap — Ron Thieme 662-233, Cary O’Brien 645, Butch Luther 621, Kim Westerlund 599.

The Lanes Retirees — Bruce Bodven 586, Mark Tarwid 574, Roman Dymerski 572-226, Pal Bishop 564.

T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic — Nate Haug 675, Ethan Witterholt 279, Taylor Melahn 253.

T&C Thurs. Frito’s Morning Mixed — Fred Sykes 653-248, Fred Moore 641, Ron Kuchenbecker 630, Sherri Szydlowski 564, Theresa Riemer 268.

T&C Thurs. Businessmen — Josh Hall 698-300, Kyle Ketterhagen 687, Jeff Jobst 677, Jennifer Czerniak 506, Theresa Riemer 225.

T&C Thurs. Powder Puff — Karen Jannene 593-206, Tiffany Taylor 522, Julie Lois 511, Betty Altenburg 507.

River City Thurs. Night Ladies — Tammie Storm 585, Ellie Mack 545, Diane Schnell 534, Robin Gallagher 520, Jessica Storm 268.

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