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792—Cotie Holbek, T&C Wed. Tri-B Bowlers

771—Tristian Albrecht, T&C Wed. High School

760—Jeff Coates, Castle Wed. Niters

754—Jay Smith, Castle Courtsmen

743—Keith Lemens, Castle Thurs. Morning Koffee Klutchers

739—Tyronn Dyess, Castle Thurs. Morning Koffee Klutchers

737—Mark Zurawski, Castle Wed. Niters

731—Bucky Barker, T&C Wed. Tri-B Bowlers

728—Alex Marquez Jr., Castle Wed. Niters

725—Kevin Moreno, Castle Wed. Niters

723—Ethan Witterholt, T&C Wed. Tri-B Bowlers

718—Jim Nannemann, River City Wed. Men

717—Gary Dady, Castle Wed. Niters

715—Tracy Karstetter, T&C Wed. Tri-B Bowlers

714—Ryan Zagar, Castle Wed. Niters

710—Ken Schwartz, Castle Wed. Niters

706—Jerry Jasperson, Castle Wed. Niters


675—SommerLee Boedecker, Park Bowling Club

666—Jessica Storm, T&C Wed. Tri-B Bowlers

626—Lisa Hessefort, Old Settler’s Wed. Night Ladies


Castle Wed. Niters — Jeff Coates 300.

Castle Thurs. Senior Mixed — Bill Mortensen 591-228, Don Hyatt 528, Kathi Manchester 460, Nancy Wemmert 441, Inge Vanderleest 172.

Castle Thurs. Morning Koffee Klutchers — Erick Kissner 596, Dave Boldus 580, Keith Lemens 289, LeeVora Perry 547-209, Kathy Lawrenz 510.

Castle Queens — Cindy Tigges 528, Barb Francis 500, Mary Androff 499-187.

Castle Courtsmen — Jay Smith 278.

The Lanes Big Ed’s Commercial — Michael Welter 683, Mike Schmidt 658-248, Larry Mikulecky 651, Gary Gatzke 651, Les Wald 651.

The Lanes Wed. Night Strike Force — Kayla Berens 568, Cheryl Heyel 566, Jennifer Kirkorian 537, Carla Kenyon 518, Karen Flynn 222.

Old Settler’s Wed. Night Ladies — Debra Mueller 534, Meredith Betz 533, Sandy Kohler 526, Carly Anderson 524.

T&C Wed. Koffee Klatche — Mae Boeger 519-187, Linda Schiestle 413.

T&C Wed. Tri-B Bowlers — Cotie Holbek 296, Mary Appenzeller 591-231.

T&C Wed. Slades Corners — Jeff Rice 695-246, Carl Chernouski 650, Diane Fincutter 596-220, Kathy Baumeister 522.

River City Wed. Men — Ryan Kortendick 699, CJ Torosian 691, Matt Zanella 668, Rick Pope 655, Jim Nannemann 290.


Park Bowling Club — Brett Brohelden 619-245, Turner Prochnow 617, Mia Eastman 404, SommerLee Boedecker 246.

T&C Wed. High School — Russell Glessing 681-279, Jesse Stanosz 644, Allison Clark 582, Hannah Derosier 571-214.

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