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761—Dustin Vasey, Castle Bowler’s Choice

760—Travis Bushley, T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic

751—John Schroeder Sr., Castle Bowler’s Choice

749—Joe Dietz, T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic

744—Ricardo Rodriguez, Castle Bowler’s Choice

734—Sam Slaasted, Knights of Castle

734—Matt Cecchini, The Lanes Mike Corona UAW

725—Tyronn Dyess, Castle Bowler’s Choice

725—Butch Schoenfuss, Old Settler’s Union Grove Men’s Commercial

725—Jerry Riemer, T&C Thurs. Businessmen

724—Andrew Palmgren, Castle Bowler’s Choice

719—Steven Gerth, T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic

719—John Fischer, T&C Thurs. Businessmen

718—Brandon Lipari, Knights of Castle

718—Mark VandeVelde, T&C Thurs. Businessmen

717—Ben Betchkal, Castle Bowler’s Choice

717—Dennis Schlichting, Castle Bowler’s Choice

714—Mike Miller, T&C Thurs. Businessmen

706—Tony Kenyon, Knights of Castle

704—Scott Salinas, Knights of Castle


694—Lauren Fischer, Knights of Castle

677—Jessica Storm, River City Thurs. Night Ladies

673—Lynda Schlitz, T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic

669—Taylor Melahn, T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic

651—Theresa Riemer, T&C Thurs. Frito’s Morning Mixed

600—Nancy Sands, Castle Strikettes


Castle Bowler’s Choice — Ben Betchkal 300.

Castle Strikettes — Melissa Jansen 598, Sierra Werderitch 594-255, Jenny Sieker 562, Terri Sharp 535.

Knights of Castle — Ricardo Rodriguez 697, Joe Anderson 690, Brett Pinnecker 685.

The Lanes Trestleboard — Mitchell Jaeck 692, Richard Hohnl Jr. 677-245, Amanda Langel 544-203, Joanne Beischel 485.

The Lanes Mike Corona UAW — Gary Schlicht 683, Anthony Seidl 663, Ron Jorgensen 663-286, Jeff Floyd 660.

The Lanes Fri. Senior Handicap — Cary O’Brien 634, Andy Hornyak 626, Mike Kohl 610-246, Juan Martinez 608.

Old Settler’s Union Grove Men’s Commercial — Brian Krempasky 656, Jack Van Swol 652, Brian Brickner 628.

T&C Thurs. Gooseberries Classic — Jake Spencer 692, Brian Dubinsky 279, Travis Bushley 279, Taylor Melahn 247.

T&C Thurs. Frito’s Morning Mixed — Lee Wise 633-242, Ron Kuchenbecker 626, Mae Boeger 562, Lorraine Draper 501, Theresa Riemer 266.

T&C Thurs. Businessmen — Josh Hall 696, John Fischer 289.

T&C Thurs. Powder Puff — Brooke Maule 545, Tiffany Taylor 533, Laura Drissel 527, Mary Niederer 513, Lea Vos 214.

River City Thurs. Night Ladies — Sue Hartlage 517, Courtney Lufkin 515, Joyce Malison 507, Tammie Storm 485, Jessica Storm 229.

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