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With the ChocolateFest event looking more and more like it is over, Burlington City Council members approve a permit for a new Memorial Day weekend called the Burlington Jamboree.

With the ChocolateFest event looking more and more like it is over, Burlington City Council members approve a permit for a new Memorial Day weekend called the Burlington Jamboree.

BURLINGTON — Fire crews from three counties responded Tuesday night for a report of a fire at the Nestle chocolate plant on the city's south side.

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BURLINGTON - When you come right down to it, how much challenge do those aspiring designers on television competitions really have? Could they conquer candy wrappers like the designers of Project Yum-Way at ChocolateFest in Burlington?

"Wrappers are evil to work with," said Haley Beets, 17, one member of the team Sweet Pleats which was in its third year at the fashion show.

To prepare for Monday's show, each of the four teams received a uniform supply basket one week before. In the baskets were Nestle candy wrappers, scissors and other supplies along with a $30 Walmart gift card. From those beginnings they created some item of fashion. Judges awarded points based on creative technique, use of the wrappers, accessorizing, and style.

But wrappers don't cooperate. They easily wrinkle and stick to each other.

For Emmy Swisher, 49, that became an inspiration. She worked with her three sisters to make the very first entry for their team: We Sew Sisters.

"The most sewing I ever did was make their Halloween costumes," she said as she stood next to her 21-year-old daughter, Whitney, who modeled the creation of her mother and aunts.

"We got this wrapper, and it kind of has that little tacky, so it kind of made the little puckers and the ruffles, so we went with that," she said.

Where that led them was to a heavily ruffled bust to set off a skirt. They had also intended to make a vest, but that didn't work out. Starting on Thursday night she and her sisters redesigned their creation. The finished dress was due a day later.

The Sew Sweet team tied wrappers and more wrappers to create a macramé bodice for their summer dress.

The Chocolate Inferno team had a goal from the start and a smooth process said Sammantha Haschker, 13, one member of the team from Racine.

"We basically knew we wanted to do a sun dress. We went off that. We made a design on paper and then we made a pattern for it, and then we sewed the fabric together, and then we sewed the wrappers on to the fabric," she said. "The only thing we were really doing at the last minute was we had to make the handle for the bag and the headband."

Both of wheich were made from braided candy wrappers.

Experience showed for the winning team. With Sew Sweet as the third runners-up, We Sew Sisters as second runners-up, and Chocolate Inferno as first runners-up, the grand prize went to Sweet Pleats.

This team - Hayley Beets, 17, Rachel Dawley, 18, Emily Nadolski, 18 and Sam Jones, 18 - has been together for three years. All are students at Burlington High School and all will graduate in a few days. Beets, Dawley and Jones had shared art classes together. Nadolski was invited to the team by her friend Beets.

Really, Dawley said, Beets is the mastermind and does much of the sewing.

"She came up with, like, four or five different designs for the top and the bottom, and then we kind of, like, combined and said as a team which ones we were going to use," Dawley said.

Beets has her mind set on a career in fashion design and said she's been accepted at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Other team members contributed to the design. Dawley did accessories.

"I did an inordinate amount of cutting for things," Jones said.

"Luckily over the three years we've learned to tame these wrappers," he said.

What that experience did for them, and what drew compliments from the judges, was enable them to make candy wrappers lie flat against the fabric of the 1940s-style dress with its pencil skirt. The wrappers became accent panels on the dress which Nadolski modeled and the outfit was topped with a small hat made of Nestle Crunch wrappers.

Will they be back? This team isn't sure. Others vowed they will be. You'll have to come back next year to find out.

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