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Harry Wait

Elections officials throughout the country are expecting floods of poll watchers trained by conservative conspiracy theorists to look for fraud on Nov. 8. Or, at least, there are probably going to be more observers than in prior years.

A Journal Times reporter went to a poll watcher training in Racine Wednesday, but the Virginia attorney leading it ordered two journalists in the room to leave. The attorney later refused to be interviewed.

How do you defend someone who has admitted to committing a crime and that there is undeniable evidence that the defendant did what they are accused of doing? You say the defendant had to do what he did, or you say no crime was committed at all, or that the prosecution is unconstitutional, or you say all three.

That’s the plan for the defense of the Racine County man who admitted to requesting absentee ballots using the names of two elected officials he doesn’t like to prove it is possible.

There was more excitement outside than inside the courtroom as those for and against the prosecution of Harry Wait made their views heard Friday afternoon on the front steps of the Racine County Courthouse. Wait was expected in the courtroom for a preliminary hearing on charges related to election fraud. After a conversation with the defense behind closed doors in the judge's chambers, the preliminary hearing was re-scheduled.

The man accused of using the identities of two other people to obtain their absentee ballots was in Racine County Circuit Court on Monday with some high-profile legal counsel. Michael Gableman is the former justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court who was hired by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos last year to investigate alleged irregularities in the 2020 presidential election — a post he was fired from in mid-August. Gableman had endorsed the conservative challenger to Vos, Adam Steen, in a contentious Aug. 9 primary election that Vos narrowly won, after which Vos called Gableman “an embarrassment to the state.”

Harry Wait, the Racine County man who admitted to requesting absentee ballots using the names of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Racine Mayor Cory Mason without permission to prove he could, now faces criminal charges, the Wisconsin Department of Justice has confirmed.

A complaint reportedly filed Tuesday with the Wisconsin Elections Commission in support of Harry Wait, the Racine County man who admitted to illegally requesting mail-in ballots to prove he could, claims that all absentee ballot requests submitted by anyone using the World Wide Web in Wisconsin are illegal — a novel argument in the war on absentee voting and over state election laws.

"I certainly wouldn't prosecute whatever he did," the Oshkosh Republican said Tuesday, after initially praising the man this weekend. "I appreciate what he did."

I am writing to urge the Racine County Sherriff's Office, the State of Wisconsin Attorney General's Office and the City of Racine Attorney's O…

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