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TikTok creator @mauivenus started with a lot of plants to begin with, but the before and after of her overgrown indoor jungle shows what can happen when you happily let plants take over your bedroom.

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Organizing closets is a great opportunity to take stock of how much stuff you own versus what you really use. Pull all the items out of your bedroom closet, and sort them into like categories. Then, get out similar items stashed under beds or in a spare-bedroom closet. Once you have items in a single place, it’s hard to ignore excess and duplication.

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Our final favorite look from Ellen incorporates one of our go-to color pairings for taupe, which is a complementary shade of blue. Since our Atchison color has warm undertones, blue is the perfect balancing color and truly pops against this marvelous taupe. In fact, looking at this pattern mix has me thinking about redoing my bedroom here and now!

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‌Through hygge, the bedroom can be a place where you can retreat to relax and enjoy a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. You may even create a space so inviting you want to read, nap, meditate or simply escape from the workday in your bedroom. Of course, breakfast in bed and sleeping in are very in line with a hygge lifestyle. Avoid putting a TV or other screen in the bedroom if you can.

One of the more unique rental properties we came across, this restored 1890s Victorian-style home would make for a vacation to rival all others. With historic charm to spare, a large farm kitchen and numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, this is an excellent option for large family gatherings. There's also a small restored cottage — with a kid-friendly loft — that's available part of the year, and a second rental property a mile away for extra-large groups. 

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Convert your spare bedroom into a space you and your whole family can enjoy. An interior decorator can turn your long-delayed dreams into a reality with a decor plan, materials and installation.

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Perhaps you have a large bedroom and dream of an elaborate window seat. Maybe a well-placed breakfast nook could breathe new life into your kitchen.

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Castagnini reminds us that it’s important to focus on what is in our control rather than what’s not. “Whereby we used to be able to make it through a hectic work week by knowing we had fun plans with friends or family for the weekend, we now do not have that,” she says. “But that does not mean we have to completely abandon all future plans. We do know that at some point in time, we will be out of this situation and be able to travel, see friends, and so on.”

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