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In the 1980s, Art Bell developed the idea for a 24-hour cable comedy network, which would eventually become Comedy Central. In his memoir “Constant Comedy: How I Started Comedy Central and Lost My Sense of Humor" (Ulysses Press, $24.95), Bell writes about his beginning at the network, where he met a young Jon Stewart, and his eventual dismissal from the company he founded. Bell, who resides in Greenwich, Connecticut, is currently working on "The Origins of Comedy Central" podcast, which is scheduled to premiere in April.

Austin-based singer-songwriter Bonnie Whitmore has the kind of plaintive vocals that convey a song’s meaning as much as her introspective lyrics. On her new album “Last Will & Testament,” the musician deals with rape culture (“Asked For It”), gun-related rampages (“Time To Shoot”) and the importance of self-care (“Fine”). The daughter of an airline pilot and an opera singer — and the sister of Eleanor Whitmore of the band The Mastersons — Whitmore said there was always music in her household. And thanks to her father’s job, she grew accustomed to traveling constantly, which prepared her for a life of touring. To learn more about Whitmore, check out her website (

If you’re anything like I am, you’re both (1) caged up at home for the foreseeable future and (2) actively planning or at least considering travel again as soon as possible. I can’t help you much with (1), but I can share my outlook about if, when, and where travel might be possible.

A founding member of Southern Avenue, which was nominated for a 2019 Grammy for their album “Keep On,” Tikyra Jackson is stepping out from behind her drum kit to promote her solo single, “No More Fear.” Inspired by the worldwide protests to denounce George Floyd’s death, Jackson went all out on the track, playing the instruments herself and singing lead vocals. An avid traveler, she says her career has taken her to so many wonderful places. “I was 19 years old when I began touring with Southern Avenue and our journey together has led us to the most serene, beautiful destinations,” says Jackson, 25. “It’s about a 15-hour drive from Memphis to the mountains and the bluest skies I’ve ever seen in Colorado. It has become my favorite place on Earth.” Fans may follow her on Instagram and Twitter (username @TikyraDrums) and Facebook (

"Traveling is a privilege not afforded to all, so I really try to be conscious of that every time I get the chance to go anywhere," said actress Richa Moorjani. "Now more than ever, I'm grateful for every opportunity I've ever had to see some of this beautiful world. I actually returned from my honeymoon in Thailand the first week of March before the quarantine began. Luckily, we were able to enjoy our two weeks there without getting sick or facing travel complications. I don’t know when we’ll be able to travel again and I’m just so thankful we had the ability to go and witness some of the beauty of Thailand before coming home to a different reality."

Although we've had to postpone trips to Europe due to the pandemic, I believe a weekly dose of travel dreaming can be good medicine. Picnicking is simply the best way to enjoy Europe's edible specialties economically. To me, the marketplaces of Europe are as important as the museums.

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Late last year the folks at Eurail made some big changes in the venerable Eurail Pass program. Now, your choices are either a one-country pass, available in 29 countries or small country groups, or a "Global" pass that covers 31 European countries. And Global pass options have expanded greatly: They now cover both first- and second-class travel, with discounts for...

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In normal times, the exhumation of Franco's remains would almost certainly boost the Socialist party's ratings, especially in the run-up to a general election. But the operation coincided with developments in a secessionist conflict in the northeastern region of Catalonia, which saw the sentencing of 12 former politicians and activists that sparked a week of protests and riots in Barcelona, Spain's second city and the Catalan capital.

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Like many travelers, last spring I visited Barcelona dreaming of seeing Antoni Gaudi's breathtaking Sagrada Familia church. When I got there, the ticket office was closed, with a posted sign: "No more tickets today. Buy your ticket for another day online. "

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Twenty eighteen was a "win some, lose some" year in travel. Travelers neither gained nor lost across the boards, and these days not losing is almost as good as winning. Here are my awards for the 2018 events that will have the biggest impact in 2019 and beyond.

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When I arrive in a new city, I book a private guide straightaway-- someone who can bring the architecture, history and culture to life. Lately, in the spirit of experiential sightseeing, I've been taking specialized tours that highlight unique, local experiences or historical themes.

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I'm so glad borders and walls are out of fashion in Europe. The continent's many proud nations don't always get along, but they have learned to respect each other-- making it possible for peace to flourish. Historically, though, Europe has a rich past when it comes to wall building.

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A combination of old and startup lines means 10 low-fare transatlantic airlines this summer, flying from major gateways and cities that haven't had transatlantic nonstop flights in a long time-- if ever. Some routes are daily, some only a few times a week and a few only a few times over the summer.

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For "Alex, Inc." actress Tiya Sircar, travel is a passion. Born and raised in Texas and currently a resident of California, Sircar-- who portrays Rooni Schuman on the ABC series-- says, "There are so many places I love for a variety of reasons-- Vietnam, Barcelona, Italy. But if I had to choose, I would have to say India.

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Former football player Isaiah Mustafa is known to TV viewers as Luke Garroway in the Freeform series "Shadowhunters: Mortal Instruments." He also won an Emmy for Outstanding Commercial for his work in the Old Spice commercials. An avid photographer, Mustafa shares his photos with fans on his website,...

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