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Manna House Adult Day Care


3417 Douglas Ave
Racine, WI 53406
Last Updated: June 12, 2018




About Manna House Adult Day Care

Our Mission: To give the full time Caregiver a much needed break by providing a safe, social setting that supports the health, nutrition, and daily living needs of adult persons with physical, aged, or developmental disabilities.

More About Manna House Adult Day Care

The Manna House Adult Day Care is licensed by the State of Wisconsin to provide supervision and care for persons in the following client groups:

  • Alzheimer's

  • Dementia

  • Advanced Aged

  • Developmentally Disabled

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Emotionally Disturbed/Mental Illness

  • Physically Disabled


We provide excellent, attentive care that our clients deserve.  We believe in teaching and helping individuals discover their own unique gifts and talents. Our facility is a safe and loving environment for individuals with or without disabilities. We assist them with decision making, daily living maintenance and actualizing their personal choices and goals.  Our support staff assist with daily activities and the special needs of each individual. The Manna House includes the following services daily:

  • Active Assistance with Daily Living Skills

  • Community Involvement and Events

  • Health Monitoring Service

  • Individual Service Plan Creation

  • Organized and Staff Lead Daily Activities

  • Support Group Sessions for Family Caregivers

  • A Nutritious Lunch and Snacks Daily

  • Staff Supervision and Care As Needed


The facility is over 2600 square feet, centrally located with wheelchair accessability and the following amenities:

  • Welcoming Reception Area and Waiting Area

  • Two (2) Meeting Rooms

  • A fully fuctional Kitchen and Laundry Facility

  • Six (6) Activity Rooms

  • Computer Stations

  • Three (3) accessable Restrooms

  • Surround Sound

  • Ample Parking Area

  • Gated Outdoor Area


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