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Perhaps the current standoff in D.C. could be resolved by establishing accurate facts, i.e.


  • Border security bills generated by both parties, their provisions, and their fates (including the names and parties of those voting for and against).
  • Include results, i.e. of the money authorized, money was actually spent. If over, by how much. If under, what happened to the excess money.


  • Identify the effect of building a southern border wall in each of the segments that have been completed (reported out in percentages and numbers) by population profile, impact on crime, drugs and/or weapons confiscated.
  • Report the same, current statistics for the gaps in the wall.


  • Identify the costs associated with the southern border, i.e. staffing, equipment and maintenance, emergency housing, transportation/deportation, processing, administration, law enforcement, etc.
  • Identify costs to educate, support,and provide health care to/for illegals.

Verify these facts, report them objectively (no opinions or pejorative adjectives allowed), and disseminate them widely. Sharing a common ground of reliable information is the logical starting point to resolve these and many other issues.

We sent a probe more than 4 billion miles into space: we can provide accurate immigration data. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Gwen Wortock, Racine

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