A special thanks to Mayor Cory Manson for speaking out for Racine and its rich history of ethnic, religious and racial diversity.

There probably is no other city of this size in the country that enjoys the diversity of ideas and cultures that have come to distinguish Racine.

We may not agree on many things and it seems that we have substantial prejudices against each other, but the bottom line is that, despite all that, we really do like each other.

We live in peace and accept visitors to appreciate the way we get along with each other. If this was not so, Racine would not have survived as well as it has over the past 50 years.

We would have gone through violent racial and religious reactions. Industries would have moved on due to the unpredictability of Racinians.

The great majority of our Racine neighbors' families left homes in other cultures to immigrate and flee from hatreds and denials of economic advancement.

Most of the families know what immigration is all about. And we all know that in Racine, our "mixes" are a big part of what makes us so strong.

Thank you again Mayor Mason, and thanks to all my neighbors for giving me a hometown and putting up with me for the past 51 years.

William Whitnall

Mount Pleasant 

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