We have a global emergency, or have you been too distracted to notice? It may take a teenager from Sweden to help wake us up. Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old from Sweden, is a champion who is calling the world's attention to climate change. Our planet Earth is experiencing a climate crisis that is affecting all forms of life on our planet. Close to home, we have a coal burning power plant that is contributing to that crisis every day it burns dirty coal.

Did you know that We Energies is asking to raise the rates we pay for every bit of electricity we use? According to expert testimony, We Energies is operating the old coal-burning plant in Oak Creek at a loss of $75 million a year. If their request for a rate increase is approved, you and I will be paying for the cost. It is time to shut down the power plant, both for the sake of our health and for economic reasons. 

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You can help by attending the public hearings that will be held in Milwaukee on Oct. 15 at the United Community Center, 1028 S. Ninth St., from 2-6 p.m. Let your voice be hear; we do not want to pay for or support dirty coal. Investment in renewable energy is the solution.

Janet Weyker, Racine

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