Weyker: Climate and COVID-19

Weyker: Climate and COVID-19

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What is our Earth telling us as we deal with two crises at the same time? COVID-19 has certainly grabbed the attention of the whole planet the last few months. The crisis of climate change has been happening so gradually that many people ignore the connection between human behavior and the far greater, long-lasting effects on our climate.

Posts on Facebook have noted how residents of many cities and countries can now see mountain peaks and clear skies for the first time in decades during this slowdown of human activity. Our mother Earth is gasping for breath every bit as much as those suffering from severe cases of COVID-19. A few weeks and months of intense efforts to save human lives has also helped to heal mother Earth.

Here in southeast Wisconsin, our air is polluted by the burning of dirty coal at the Oak Creek Power plant, one of the biggest local contributors to climate change and poor air quality. The elderly and those suffering from heart and lung problems are most susceptible to the deadly coronavirus which only exasperates their medical problems.

As concerned citizens we need to rise up to encourage We Energies to transition to renewable clean energy sources as soon as possible. Their plan to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050 is way too late. The crisis of climate change is now and We Energies needs to make every effort to transition now to clean energy.

Sister Janet Weyker, Caledonia


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