West: Article an eye-opener about China

West: Article an eye-opener about China

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This letter is a request that all of your readers read the following: "Why and How the U.S. Should Stop Financing China's Bad Actors."

The article discusses the American lack of knowledge of China's long term goals. China is waging economic and financial warfare against all of us every day. We are in a position to overcome but the problem is that we do not take them seriously. We think having them in the economic world will keep us all safe from war. Money is the issue and the weapon they will use to take over our country. They are buying us piecemeal with loans, business ventures and banking.

Please read this article by Roger W. Robinson, Jr. writing for Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College. He served on Reagan's National Security Agency. He was the principal architect of the secret economic and financial strategy that proved decisive to defeat the Soviet Union.

Monica West, Waterford


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