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Racine must choose between Cory Mason and Sandy Weidner for mayor. Having known both candidates, I can say without a doubt that Sandy Weidner is the wise choice to lead our great city. Weidner is down to earth and relatable, with a strong record of fighting against reckless spending and standing up for what she believes in. She was the first to oppose the arena and say that voters have the right to decide in a public referendum.

After saying that he would pick up where Mayor Dickert left off, Cory Mason flip-flopped and decided to oppose building the stadium when he discovered it was unpopular. Weidner has a long record of fighting for taxpayers and being a leader on the City Council. She knows that the city needs to create a positive environment for small businesses, protect police and fire, while stopping failed projects like Machinery Row.

Meanwhile, Mason is a walking contradiction. He argues for campaign finance reform but receives nearly $100,000 in contributions from places like New York, D.C. and Chicago. Many of his donations are from special interests, attorneys and PACs. He talks about being a leader but has no leadership experience. As a matter of fact, since being elected to the assembly in 2006, he has no major accomplishments and has no private sector experience.

Sandy Weidner is not a career politician. She simply cares about her community. That is why I am voting for her and you should as well.

Sam Wahlen


*Editor's Note: The Racine Taxpayer Association does not endorse any candidates.*


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