As is my habit, I attended the April 23 Public Safety and Licensing Committee meeting, but this time, I learned much more than just what the agenda indicated. I learned that this committee is lead not by a chairman, but by a man of such insecurity that he wants to eliminate the traditional opportunity for public comments.

This is completely unacceptable for a public committee and that sentiment was voiced by another member of the committee, who likened the chairman's effort to that of a "dictator." A refusal to hear public comments will not mean that there is no criticism or recommendation that might be offered by the public, it only means that the chairman has absolutely no respect for nor interest in hearing from the people he "serves."

So while Robert’s Rules, which are exercised in every other council meeting I have attended, are specific in detailing the behaviors of both sides during a public comment opportunity, clearly the chairman of PSL believes he has a better idea. Perhaps he has visions of winning the “No Friend of Open Government” award, just as our mayor and city attorney did recently. I would encourage him toward more praiseworthy goals.

Susan Wagner


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