Democrats attempted to continue their witch hunt today when Robert Mueller testified before the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committee. 

After full cooperation from the White House and review of a million documents, the Mueller report confirmed that there was no collusion and no obstruction. The democrats need to accept the facts and move on from this investigation that has already cost taxpayers over $35 million.

Instead of focusing on ratifying the USMCA, tackling rising healthcare costs and fixing our broken immigration system, Congressional Democrats continue to pour time and resources into attacking our president on false accusations.

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The president has been committed to transparency and honesty during this witch hunt, and surprisingly, this investigation has resulted in nothing but distraction and wasted taxpayer dollars. The real problem that should be investigated is the systemic Russian interference that occurred and went unaddressed during the Obama-Biden Administration. 

The Mueller report showed there was no collusion and no obstruction. Today was just another example of Democrats wasting taxpayer dollars and distracting Americans from their party's own failures.

Katie Verzal, Bristol

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