Venn: Why the focus on Milwaukee?

Venn: Why the focus on Milwaukee?

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In response to The Journal Times' perspective, June 19 — "Elected Officials Should Pay What They Owe."

I do not understand why The Journal Times decided to publish a commentary about the current Lt. Governor who owes $2,200 in delinquent property taxes. Why the focus on this kind of chump change?

This topic is certainly worthy of discussion, but your focus should be on the delinquent property taxes that have been stacked up for many years in Racine County and city, not on $2,200 in Milwaukee.

Here are two examples (among many) of lethargic property tax enforcement by the Racine County Treasurer:

1) A city alderman, who just got reelected, owes $20,600 in delinquent property taxes, interest and penalties going all the way back to 2006. Instead of enforcing the taxes against this delinquent, the county treasurer has been nursing him along all these years.

2) The owner of the Park Theater on Washington Avenue owes $144,500 in delinquent taxes (not counting delinquent state taxes and utility bills). It appears that the owner has paid no taxes since he bought the theater in 2006 and the county treasurer has been nursing him along, all these years. The building is now in such a state of disrepair that the city wants to tear it down. 

This lethargic approach to the enforcement of delinquent property taxes in Racine County is a far greater problem than $2,200 in Milwaukee. 

Porter Venn



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