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Thompson: Proud Racinian

Thompson: Proud Racinian

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Stand up straight. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath — in through the nose — out through the mouth.

Repeat twice.

Open your eyes.

Look around yourselves, fellow Racinians.


Racine has the potential to be one of the world's truly great cities.

Racine is not only a good place to live. All evidence points toward Racine as a fine destination for family, personal and business travel. Ours is a city of brilliant architecture. A cultural center with a thriving arts community. Racine's harbor has few rivals on the west bank of Lake Michigan. Our beaches are pristine.

Is there a boulevard more elegant than Sixth Street?

Racine enjoys an excellent mix of restaurants from food trucks to fine dining; grand dining rooms to outdoor picnic table seating. Never have I lived anywhere with the variety of party venues, to be found right here in the Belle City. I almost wrote River City, because we have that, too.

Racine's downtown is picture perfect as a mid-century movie location. Right now, ready to go. Yet, it begs to become the premier shopping district between Chicago and Milwaukee. Racine is perfectly positioned for for greatness. As a city, as a community, as our home and as individuals, let's endeavor to avoid slipping into mediocrity.

Gail Ann Thompson, Racine


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