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Children, ripped from their parents arms, are alone and put into cages for months. Because they don't want to be murdered or starved to death by their own government, asylum seekers (with children) have traveled over 1,500 miles on foot, in boats, on overcrowded buses only to be refused and teargassed at the border by a (paid) national military.

I am not talking about Russia, Turkey or Syria or Yemen. I'm not talking about a third-world country where crazed dictators and despots rule lawlessly and murderously. I am talking about America ... our own dear U.S.A.

I don't know about you, but this is not the America that I grew up with. It is not the leader of the free world who sets examples of humanity, acceptance and peace. We are slowly becoming that world that this White House wants us to become. And we should be ashamed and mad as heck about it.

This is not us. We are not them. We need to fix this and soon.

Brenda Thomas


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