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I lie, you lie, he, she, it lies too. To ourselves, friends, even to you. One thing is for sure. Lies have intent and effect, target and purpose.

Delusional lies keep us from seeing ourselves as others do. Well-intentioned lies lift the spirits of those we love. Lies of omission shield family or friends from a dark truth about us. Purposeful lies to strangers hide or color facts while malicious lies damage characters. Half-truth lies conveniently leave out parts of the story, while stretching-the-truth lies embellish. The deceiver’s lie is used by fraudsters to cover up illicit activities.

Public lies are most damaging, as their effect is compounded by the size and composition of the audience. The serpent’s lie condones or justifies bad behavior. The hypocrite’s lie professes piousness while masking insidious and lascivious conduct. The politician’s lie incorporates fear-mongering, half-truths, innuendo and exaggerations, often changing, even blatant, or baseless to subvert minds and win followers. As the frequency and intensity of lies increase, our ability to recognize truth diminishes, which plays into the hands of those that would manipulate us and harm our society.

Over time, our lies, and those of others, challenge our beliefs, obfuscating our sense of right or wrong, good and evil. Fortunately, truth never wavers. It stands before us like a beacon, piercing the mists of lies and deceit. Armed with truth we can fight the good fight and hold those that lie accountable for their words. Or why should they, or would they stop?

Marty Sturino, Wind Point

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