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A simple truth is that capitalism — like democracy — works best in the early stages, and not at all well in the final stages. This is not new news.

Most everyone was introduced to capitalism through the game Monopoly. Who doesn’t remember playing with older kids that somehow got Boardwalk, Park Place and Marvin Gardens? As their pile of money accumulated, ours dwindled, and the game wasn’t any fun. Let’s not forget the Community Chest cards that doled out money if we were lucky enough, or the Chance cards that pushed us along, often into the real-estate of the barons.

Often an adult, like mom, would intervene and suggest that the tycoons offer some properties to the ne’er do wells. (The rest of us). Grudgingly, a few trades would ensue, that served to only prolong the game so mom could read her book in peace, unless dad stepped in a said, “Just let them play. It will teach them a valuable lesson.” So, mom was the government stepping in to help the little guy. Dad was for governing least. A “to the winners go the spoils” guy.

Every Christmas, we saw the same game while watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Mr. Potter bought the town for 50 cents on the dollar during rough times and George Bailey struggled to keep decent folks in their homes.

Capitalism fails if the forces for good aren’t adequately protected from greed. Think about your medical costs. The corporate suits call it “enhancing shareholder value.” Think snakes.

Marty Sturino, Wind Point

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