Sobota: Trump undermines the professionals

Sobota: Trump undermines the professionals

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Apparently New Yorkers call the orange clown a circus clown behind his back. I guess a clown by any other name is still a clown. The clown eliminated the department which was designed to coordinate resources to deal with a national emergency. As a result, we are behind in being able to handle the Coronavirus. We had advance knowledge based on what was happening in China, but failed to act. We lost valuable time due to political considerations vs scientific data. The president has said: it will be greatly reduced by spring, suggested a flu shot might work, had a hunch that the virus would not be very bad, etc. If an inept leader is elected, it is all fun and games until a crisis occurs. The lack of preparedness for this crisis is a direct result of poor leadership from the top. Even after he appointed a committee to coordinate handling and reporting on the crisis, the president continues to undermine the professionals by his inane suggestions. I have not agreed with anything Mike Pence has said, but he seems to being doing a good job in deferring to professionals at least during news conferences. The latest fiasco is the European travel ban. A travel ban would have been effective before the virus was in the country. This ban makes about as much sense as raising the drawbridge after the barbarians have stormed the castle.

Drew Sobota, Racine


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