Sobota: Trump and George Carlin

Sobota: Trump and George Carlin

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I am currently reading a book by George Carlin. He said: “I cannot wait until we get a really evil president. Not devious and cunning like Nixon and Johnson. But really, really evil. God, it would be so refreshing.” Careful what you wish for, George. Some of his writings are funnier than others. Hopefully this is the worst president we ever have. With the senate’s lack of holding him to account, I have a bad feeling for the future increase in presidential authority. This is beginning to sound like the previous divine right of kings, and the very fear the founding fathers expressed in the constitution. In an effort to wag the dog, the latest fiasco by the orange clown was the killing of Qasem Soleimani without consultation with congress, Iraq, or our allies. He was a very bad man who was beloved by the Iranian people. Before his death, Iranians were protesting their government and Iraqis were protesting Iranian influence in their country. After his death, Iranians and Iraqis are protesting the U.S. The collateral damage of this action was the deaths of 176 civilians on the downed Ukrainian plane. We must deliver Wisconsin to whoever represents the Democrats in the 2020 presidential election.

Drew Sobota, Mount Pleasant


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