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Sobota: Stop catering to hissy fits

Sobota: Stop catering to hissy fits

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According to Robin Vos, we need an investigation into voter fraud. So the voters conspired to change the vote for president in favor of Joe Biden and at the same time re-elected Vos. This is the typical nonsense that has come down from the White House and is mimicked by the Trump minions who have consumed the cool aid.

I volunteered and worked Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. On the behalf of all of the thousands of people who have volunteered across the country, I object to the elected nimrods who apparently do not understand how the process works. There are so many people involved and so many checks and balances involved, that widespread fraud is virtually impossible.

A study was conducted of 1 billion ballots cast over a 10-year period and only 30 some votes were questionable. Therefore, widespread voter fraud is about as likely as you being eating by a shark at the same time you are struck by lightning. The GOP needs to put on their big boy pants (assuming they have some) and stop catering to the president’s hissy fits. Speaking of nimrods, Ron Johnson said he has not congratulated Joe Biden since there is nothing to congratulate him for. Ron, here is a news flash for you — if you get more votes, you win.

Drew Sobota, Mount Pleasant


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