DNC surcharge would fix Wisconsin roads

The good news opportunity is that 50,000 people are coming to Southeast Wisconsin in July 2020 to spend money at restaurants and on housing, food, parking and (likely) gobs of stuff. The bad news, exposure, is that Wisconsin has the third worst roads in America.

Here’s a proposal to get those roads fixed and help Wisconsin’s beleaguered taxpayers: A surcharge tax of $1,000 per person on the 50,000, and a surcharge tax of $100,000 on 500 corporations desirous to procure “sponsored by” rights at the DNC Convention. That would be $100 million collected toward fixing potholes and crumbling bridges in Southeast Wisconsin. A win-win for everyone!

Possible entities vying for rights: Coke hawking its new beverage, watermelon/sauerkraut coke, Rolling Stones, Kid Rock, Huawei, Apple, Foxconn, Sears, FBI, FSB of the Russian Federation, College Board, Yale, New York Times, Fox News, Motel 6 and any number of other hotels and vacation spots perhaps, including Moro-del-Lago Gateway Resorts.

Yes, money for Wisconsin coffers! #WIRoadMessTraveled

Mike Scott

Mount Pleasant

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