Schultz: The criminally mentally ill

Schultz: The criminally mentally ill

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There is a difference between persons who are mentally ill and those who are criminally mentally ill. 

Often, those who are mentally ill, with bizarre behaviors or inabilities to deal successfully with life, are already under psychiatric and psychological treatment of one kind or another. They have been diagnosed with their life problems and, in less severe instances, are working with therapists, trying to bring about recovery for themselves and learning to live peaceful, satisfying, useful lives. 

The criminally mentally ill are often able to work and make money, but with psychological problems, are unable to live and let live, leading isolated lives of hatred for others and/or themselves. These criminally mentally ill persons live under the radar of detection and too expensive treatment for their illnesses, which culminate in copycat mass shootings, mayhem and suicides prevalent in our society today.

It's their chosen way, since they're supporting themselves, proud in their ability to survive in an outwardly normal way while privately fostering hatreds, ideological biases and/or preparing to commit violence in the name of purifying the world of inferiority deemed abhorrent to themselves and possibly like minded cohorts. 

Mr. Trump, you do a disservice the mental health community at large by not specifying and helping properly find, identify and offer therapy or treat persons in or out of criminal subcultures based on violence and hatred. At least you correctly identify these people as mentally ill needing help, but also harboring murderous criminal ideations and acting on them. 

Phil Schultz, Racine



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