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Schultz: Cash financial 'bandages?'

Schultz: Cash financial 'bandages?'

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Cash financial ‘bandages?’

In our struggling, monetarily obsessed societies, there exists a problem which up to now has received little or no helpful consideration of any real consequence.

When another of these gruesome, sordid social problems develops, resulting in the death or injury of one or more people involved either directly or indirectly as surviving witnesses and/or family members, after the police have cleared the area, the media rushes in to interview the often totally distracted survivors of these events.

They proceed to publish the stories of these witnesses, neighbors and family members, which are too often only the disjointed and irrational immediate remembrances their grief can muster for the photojournalists.

We as a people and as grieving survivors should demand financial payment for our sensationalized, requested comments prior to spilling our beans and brains to the media, since there never is any reimbursement for our distressed observations, often shown live on daily news coverages along with snapshots of any perpetrators caught by the police.

I believe published versions of the Judeo-Christian Bible instruct us to give “strong drink to the failing”; perhaps media supported survivor story payments to violence survivors might help them cope and begin again to adjust along with authorized victim/witness treatments.

Phil Schultz, Racine


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