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Here we go again. It has to be the NRA's fault, so let's do away with the Second Amendment. Better yet, why not start by getting rid of the First Amendment. Then we wouldn't have to put up with marchers and loud-mouth demonstrators. We would not have to read or watch the unending beating of a dead horse, which only serves to give some other miscreant ideas.

Also, it's a good thing to close the Copper Lake School. The nerve of society to expect to "rehabilitate" the "guests" there to take school classes and have other responsibilities. Just let them do whatever they want. Practicing their purse snatching, car-jacking skills.

It's time for the news media to start telling the truth what the NRA is and what it stands for.

Start watching the courts making a joke of the existing gun laws before having more such laws.

Robert Schroeder



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