So many questions

If Waukesha can build a pipe to use Lake Michigan water, why can’t they build one to return it?

Has an ice formation study ever been done on the Root River?

The Root River is flooding, does it need more water?

Why do we keep letting Milwaukee dump raw sewage over our drinking water intake and onto our beaches?

What happened to the moon rock that was given to Wisconsin?

When Highway MM is finished, will it need a roundabout?

Who put visually obstructive pine trees in the middle of the Highway 38 roundabout?

Where is my representation regarding Gateway increasing my taxation? If the officer was exonerated, why did the City of Racine pay a $400,000 settlement? How much does it cost taxpayers to print and distribute disputable voucher information?

Could RUSD use Community Service Funds to build pools for school use at the Sportsplex?

I agree with the teachers to “cut from the top,” do you?

Paper kills trees, plastic pollutes, reusables harbor germs. How do I get my groceries home? If snowmobile riders must buy yearly trail passes, why shouldn’t bicyclists have to buy them as well? In my generation, Pluto was planet No. 9; in the next, No. 8. Now it’s not a planet. What did Pluto do wrong?

A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y. . . Is Y the Pluto of vowels? Is that 250 words already?

Raymond Johnson Mount Pleasant

A better location for the new YMCA

I wonder why the Downtown YMCA is committed to replacing its facility at the same location.

It doesn’t have to be at a prime Lake Michigan site. That property would probably sell for a higher price to a developer if it didn’t need to build a Y. It could build more apartments, condos or restaurants.

A better location for the Y would be the lot at State and Main just north of the Ivanhoe restaurant. It would be an independent facility and would be near the proposed development across the street next to the lake.

Don Schoenleber


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