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Food for thought, and we can all agree on in Racine if you have open minds. We should have had the candidates sign pledges to acknowledge the debt crisis and not to raise taxes on the middle class. You can envision all you want, but a still declining population and rising taxes, accompanied by a doubling of our debt doesn’t go away with a Utopian thought.

We need a real SWOT analysis, and to concentrate on how to achieve our goals together. Copying other cities will never work...

1. Strengths = Water, lake, cheap housing, aquatic center, zoo etc.

2. Weaknesses = Crooked politicians directing huge tax dollars to their friends and fugazie development projects.

3. Opportunities= Foxconn, and all the related businesses coming with them, as well as opportunities at Gateway Technical College.

4. Threats = Racine politicians chasing their tails while our people leave for more prosperous cities and communities with balanced budgets and fair taxes. Hopefully Cory Mason will represent us well on these fronts.

Casey Rouse Sr.



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