Rohner: Congratulations, Yorkville Elementary

Rohner: Congratulations, Yorkville Elementary

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Congratulations to the students and teaching staff at Yorkville Elementary School on their recent DPI State Report Card. It was great to read that your students are significantly exceeding their educational expectations on standards set by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction.

This of course did not happen by accident. A three year plan was created and developed by former principal Amy Foszpanczyk and Yorkville's RTI Coordinator. This plan was submitted to then, former District Administrator Dave Alexander for his evaluation and approval. The plan was next introduced to the teaching staff to be incorporated into their daily student instruction.

Most of the credit for students' successfully closing the gap, unequivocally goes to the teaching staff. Their willingness and ability to implement and integrate this plan into their curriculum was essential for the positive outcome that resulted in the success of the Yorkville students.

Only the teachers know how much extra time, and effort was put forth on their part to make this plan succeed. Many extra hours were spent in evaluating the progress and impact it was having on their students.

It's time that all school boards acknowledge what most parents who are involved in their child's education know already, the most important component of a child's educational success is the classroom teacher. School boards, start listening to the people on the front line. Other than most parents no one has a better understanding, care more, and have the ability to guide a child on their educational journey.

John Rohner, Franksville


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