As a parent of a student who attends a choice school in Racine, I was extremely distressed to read the letter to the editor from Scott Farnsworth in The Journal Times. 

Farnsworth's letter is full of misinformation. For example, he says "over 80 percent of the students taking vouchers were already in private schools ..." That is patently false. In the school my son attends, the figure is closer to 5 percent. Farnsworth also states that public schools are losing funds for voucher schools. That is also false. 

The fact is, as Speaker Vos states in a recent article in The Journal Times, here are the basic facts from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau:

  • Cost to educate a choice student: $7,754
  • Cost to educate a RUSD public school student: $10,710
  • Cost to taxpayer if the school choice program were eliminated and choice students attended RUSD: over $9 million more

It seems that Vos wants to give Racine families options in education. Considering the popularity of this program that clearly delivers higher outcomes at lower cost, Vos is supporting both families and taxpayers.

I, as a parent, would be extremely distressed and disappointed if the Racine Choice Program were eliminated because the program works for me and my child, as well as many other families in Racine. I can say that because I have spoken with a number of them.

The program works and parents love it because their children get a great education in a safe environment. I sincerely hope Vos does all he can to ensure that the parental choice program continues in Racine.

Mindy Ramig, Sturtevant

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