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Perplexities: A federal shutdown over a wall that Mexico was going to pay for. Let’s focus on big issues: global warming, North Korea’s new missile base, Russia’s new missiles, and how to fund the big tax cut for the rich for starters.

Here Wisconsin gets the unwelcome national spotlight over rolling back its flagship legislation so that the new governor cannot use it. What speed and efficiency in the dead of night.

Instead, take action to control high capacity wells as they start to dry up our aquifer (lakes, marshes and private wells). Also let’s take steps to reverse our national disgrace; the most segregated cities in the U.S.A. With major effort, resources, citizen support, and maybe even help from Foxconn we could, over time, change things for the better. Walker just signed legislation to limit the power of the incoming governor. What’s good for Walker/Republicans must not be good for Evers and Wisconsin. And Wanggaard thinks, “It’s going to get everyone together.”

Shifting gears, how do we keep getting phone calls from “not in service” and from the local 262 area code that are “out of area?” Maybe we should tax these calls and pay down the national debt.

Harvey H. Radke, Mount Pleasant

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