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Here's a brainstorm to help out Washington. "The American Great Wall and Tourist Attraction."

Today it seems everything built has naming rights. Sell it by the mile to the rich who want monuments to themselves, friends, pets, businesses, industries and maybe rich non-profits for a new million per mile plus construction costs. There would be observation towers. Those spotting aliens could collect rewards; say dinner at Trump Tower, the wall's centerpiece. Passes could be sold to cross southward for a small fee.

In fine print there would be a larger fee charged to return. Some might pause, asking themselves if they really wanted to go. Miller/Coors could have a beer garden stop at their section. The NRA could offer a shooting feature, modeled after deer stands, to shoot paint balls at the potential invaders. The Playboy section would be "Adults Only" and could feature sunbathing. Just imagine the Disney section. With the National Mall filling up there could be a National Mall South. There could also be state and international sections. Mexico might even want a piece.

The wall seems ancient, unscientific, unproven and something for creative to go around, over, under and through. Next, do we wall off our southern coasts and add near shore mine fields? Shocking what we will shut our government down for and its human cost.

Harvey Radke, Mount Pleasant

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