Recent events have given me a chance to feel proud to be an American via public TV. First, a patriotic evening with "The Capitol 4th." Next, a rerun of our space efforts and completing JFK's dream to put a man on the moon and bring him back.

Then, today's reality check. Insults and lies flying around DC like mosquito in WI. Now The Hawks seem to be trying to boost their images by creating a war with Iran. While the rest of the world seemed pretty happy with the No Nuke Agreement.

I hope The Hawks sign up their kids to fight. Our president has this theory on Global Un-warming, never mind science. He leads his herd of believers the way the lead bison historically lead his heard over the Buffalo Jump for an Indian harvest of meat and hides. And the Senate is on course to setting a record for getting the least legislation passed.

But, back to the positive. Locally, The Journal Times has published feature success stories of our schools' graduates. Hopefully the trend will continue. They are a wonderful positive addition (and contrast to) the ugly news about the 1%.

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Giving students and often their teachers some credit is special and worthwhile. Personally, both my wife and I know how hard teachers work and the friendships and love that exist between student and teacher. We are still friends, and in contact with many decades later. 

Harvey Radke

Mount Pleasant 

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