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Sometimes you just have to wonder in disbelief.

Reference the Journal Times front page of May 9. Illinois is going to initiate a lawsuit against Wisconsin regarding Foxconn ozone air pollution. Wisconsin may counter with its own suit.

Am I missing something? This is a dangerous pollutant. Shouldn’t we be investigating these claims on behalf of the local residents who live within sniffing distance of this potential hazard facing its greatest concentrations and risks?

And now we have an EPA head that’s change the “P” from “Protection” to “Pollution.” I, as an old person, grew up in a polluted water and air environment which since the EPA and the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts have resolved.

Now the EPA is reversing course. Foxconn, and everyone else, must live up to protecting our environment for the sake of our children.

Harvey H. Radke

Mount Pleasant


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